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Need Worker’s Comp Medication Fast?

We work closely with your prescriber and workers’ compensation carrier to get your prescribed medications shipped to you overnight – all without delay or out of pocket costs to you.

Better Process, Better Outcomes

Immediate Authorization
We verify your benefits after you receive your medication to ensure you get back to work quicker
Overnight Shipping
Free shipping to your home, office or clinic at no cost to you
All Providers Accepted
We can accept claims for all workers’ compensation carriers
No Hidden Fees
You will never pay anything to Smithville Pharmacy for your workers’ compensation medications.

Shipped Free, Directly to You!

Many pharmacies can take 3-4 days to get workers’ comp. medications approved by the insurance adjuster. Smithville Pharmacy handles all authorizations quickly and averages less than 24 hours turnaround time to approval.
“Smithville Pharmacy was very thorough and provided excellent customer service”
“Smithville Pharmacy closes the gap between pharmacy and workers comp approval to ensure that patient therapy is not delayed”
“Smithville Pharmacy shipped my workers comp meds the day they got the prescription.”

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Get In Touch With Us!

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